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micro- injection

At Omnia Technologies, we use microinjection technology primarily for producing small plastic components for the toys manufacturing industry. This technology allows us to produce these components quickly and in large quantities while maintaining a high level of precision and quality control. By using microinjection, we're able to keep our production costs low while still delivering high-quality products to our clients.

- Microinjection is a plastic injection technology that produces small plastic components quickly and in large quantities.

- The injection cost is low due to the reduced power consumption compared to conventional injection machines.

- The mold cost is also and tooling time is quick.

- The tolerances are very precise, ensuring high-quality components.

- Using microinjection in Hong Kong is advantageous due to the attractive tax regime, allowing client to import its own plastic pellets at 0% import taxes.

- By using microinjection, companies can maintain a high level of quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

- Microinjection is ideal for producing small components for a variety of industries, including electronics, medical devices, and toys.

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