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we started design and deliver automation technology when our clients needed to combine injection molding and assembly operations. To provide the automation together with the mold has been a challenging but successful task.

We were able to use the tooling time to manufacture the automation and soon after we started, we were able to deliver molds and automation machineries at the same time. This service helped the destination factory to achieve efficiency levels from the very beginning. 

Given this opportunity, we started to operate simple automations in our workshop in Hong Kong and recently we started to design and to draw our own units, independent from molds but custom made according to the client's requests.

Below you can find some examples of what we have been doing so far.

assembly rotary table for plastic injected parts

Rotary Table
  • CE certified and operational in Europe

  • 4 pieces assembly

  • Frequency controlled Sonic welding technology

  • 2.400 pieces per hour

  • 55 days production leadtime

  • 10.000 pieces needed for commissioning testing

  • 12 hours continuous stress test performance

Cost: 63.000 USD ExWorks

automatic assembly line for sonic welding with frequency control for defect detection

Sonic Welding

automatic loading, alignment and padprinting line for multi pieces


2k injection on horizontal injection machine

2K injection

Gripper Cost for 16 cavities: 3.500 USD ExWorks

7axis anthropomorphic robot: 12.000 USD ExWorks

wheels assembly machines

28.000 USD ExWorks

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