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What we do:

  • Plastic Injection mold design and tooling, efficiency evaluation and TCO calculation.

  • Plastic parts design and development.

  • Hot Runner System solutions and evaluations.

  • Plastic Injection lines, initial setup and assembly.

  • Robotic systems for complex assembled parts with 12 months ROI.

  • Mechanical strength simulation on plastic parts.

  • AirFlow simulation on plastic components designed for children below 36 months of age.

Approach to automation:

Omnia Technologies approach to automation focus on leadtime for the automatic platform construction. No matter how you take it, the automation is strictly related to the plastic injection mold either for the files used to tool it of the because of how the pieces comes out from it. For this reason, OMT combines the plastic injection mold to the automation construction achieving outstanding results in terms of reliability, costing and time.

Application fields:

  • Cosmetic Industry

  • Consumer Electronics industry

  • Promotional toys industry

  • Premium toys industry



Fully Equipped microinjection laboratory in Hong Kong, very close to the science and technology park. Extreme parts accuracy with the advantages of working in Hong Kong


We listen to our clients requests and we suggest an approach to manufacturing after many... many questions.

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WE develop

We develop the right equipment with the agreed efficiency to guarantee a suitable production output

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We design the future of manufacturing with software support and simulated analysis.

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WE Consult

Plastic Injection industry is our daily bread. We have connections among the most influencing and innovative manufacturing units to give you the best suggestions for your own business

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