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Micro-Injection is a plastic injection technology which targets parts which must be molded in high precision and affordable even for small quantities.


We run micro-injection in Hong Kong, and here is why.

  • duty free import and export of raw materials;

  • duty free import and export of equipment;

  • duty free import and export of finish product;

  • easy international payments;

  • No-Visa needed for oversea travelers;

Below some indication about this technology and it's uses.

Market of reference:

  • component for medical devices

    • syringes

    • valves

    • sockets

    • flow controllers

    • gearboxes for meters

  • Components for pharmaceutical packaging

    • caps​

    • containers

    • pipettes

  • Cosmetics

    • caps​

    • dispensers

    • screw in mechanisms

  • Fashion Industry

    • Buttons​

    • gearboxes for watches

    • glasses for watches

    • small accessories

Injection Capacity:

  • 20 grams volume max for each cycle

  • number of cavities depends on the dimension of the component, but the mold dimension is 10cm x 10cm

Mold Cost and Leadtime:

  • Plastic micro-injection mold would cost around 12.000 USD. this cost is including all the development work on the parts and up to 5 stages of testing. Molds are made in Italy, China or India by state of the art toolshop.

Machines for plastic micro-injection:

  • BOY

  • BabyPlast

  • Tecnica2B

Currently we have installed a Tecnica2B 2 materials injection machine, means that in the same mold we can inject 2 different materials, for example a wheel rim and a tire on the same mold.


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