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samples delivery guidelines

==> Use of FedEx account for delivery of samples:

The FedEx account to be used for samples delivery must be used once a week for each and single destination. No more than one weekly shipment for each destination. All shipments are not allowed to leave on Thursdays.


​==> Samples materials and colors for Ferrero products:

Unless specifically requested by the receiver, the samples for Ferrero products must be procured with the material specified in the product datasheet and the masterbatch procured by the receiver for that specific material. If masterbatch is not matching the color or base material, then the sampling cannot be procured.


==> Functional samples:

Unless differently specified, the receiver expects to get functional samples, not semi-functional samples, or trials. For this reason, please share with the receiver parts which are working according to the expectations.


==> Commercial Mold samples requirements:

==> Type of labels to be applied on each polybag

label 2.png
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