The need of Technology.


Gruppo Sunino is an Italian leading industrial group in the plastic injection industry. It’s operations spreads

al over northern Italy, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and India and it’s heavily involved with highly
challenging products. The manufacturing procedures are aligned with the highest standards worldwide to
bring safety and traceability to the most demanding clients. This is where Gruppo Sunino is trying to gain
advantage towards it’s competitors. How to deliver the finished product which isn’t just price and schedule,
but is also: sustainable, safe, traced and most importantly, known?
Gruppo Sunino decided to invest in Omnia Technologies with the specific aim to delivery technology
gradually to all It’s plants. Firstly, by supplying equipment able to standardize the output of mainstream
procedures and subsequently, design build and install assembly hubs able to collaborate with human work
force to deliver the most productive yet known product possible.

To create Omnia Technologies, Gruppo Sunino partnered up with Michele Bovetti; already based in Hong
Kong and working since 2005 for Ferrero chocolate industries in the plastic injection field.

Polyflow, a very experienced and promising Hot Runner System manufacturer, based in Hong Kong and with a steady, fast and reliable approach to the plastic injection issues.

Last but not least, Mr. Cheung, proficient moldmaker and designer of multi cavity tooling with realistic approach to increase efficiency on the injection floor processes and flows

Common sense.

4.0 buyers or companies are not mainly concerned about the price of the product they buy. Together with the procurement procedures, is more and more frequent to deal with ethical audits and binding contracts which are protecting the product from bad practices, no matter the relationship between the 2 parties. Granting these features is costly, but not as costly of running the risk to have the reputation of the company at a stake. Omnia Technologies must be able to provide this certainty to the client and nowadays this is a priceless feature.

Omnia Technologies is effectively committed in removing as much risks as possible by researching, developing and implementing technology.


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